2015 Poverty Level Chart: If you fall around 250% of the poverty level you will probably qualify for a Tax Credit..the lower the Povety Level Percent (185%, etc.) the larger the Tax Credit you will receive. You may also qualify for Cost Sharing depending on income and family size. You MUST file taxes Jointly to qualify for these credits.

ACA Tax Penalty Calculator (bottom right side of link page)

Informed on Reform by CIGNA

Informed on Reform by Kaiser

Informed on Reform by AETNA

Short Term Medical Option: Waiting for Open Enrollment to apply; yet want to be proteced from the unexpected...does not cover pre-existing conditions

International Travel Insurance: IMG  Traveling abroad as Individual, Group, student

Supplemental Plan Options: Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, help with Deductible, of Max Out of Pocket Expenses

Oregon Discount Drug Plan Cards: Discounts on your Prescriptions for free

Washington Discount Drug Plan Cards: Discounts on your Prescriptions for free

California Discount Drug Plan Cards: Discounts on your Prescriptions for free

Trusted Colleagues: Oregon people whom I've dealth with and/or used in the past and I trust

Tax Credit Eligiblity Chart: What is the Maximum I can make and still qualify for a Tax Credit, Do my kids qualify for Health Kids, Do we qualify for OHP Special Processing for low income Pregnant Women outside Open Enrollment, Tribal Memberships, etc.